Exalting Christ in Each Other


Ok, you all may not know this but I am introvert. An introvert with lots of kids and a husband I adore. So I think could be very happy to never leave my house or see anyone because I never feel like I have enough time with my family (and work, homeschool, cleaning my house, etc). But I am wrong. I do need other people. How do I know that? The Bible says so.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers and sisters in Christ but sometimes I have to be reminded to make time to live in community. My pastor has been pointing out the many verses that show that we are not to do this faith walk alone. That those references in Bible talking about the church was never referring to one person isolated at all.

And now I realize that this makes me feel like an anti-social, self centered jerk… I love my church, believe that. But between the errands, the social media that I work on, the pulls of the world it is easy to feel like I am drowning in people pulling for my attention. I have to, need to be intentional in living in my faith community. Not just so I can help others but so I can be truly known by them. So they can urge me on to good works. It is easy to just hide behind the veil of service and not be truly known. It is safe, it is easy, it is a way to not be rejected or have your feelings hurt because someone doesn’t like you. But that is not what Christ has called me to. And I need to strive to be in community the way Christ has called me to. That is another way I will worship Him.

Please, tell me I am not alone?

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