Exergen Review/Giveaway

I got the great opportunity to review the Exergen Temporal Thermometer. I have 4 kids and it seems I have to take all of their temperatures in a row. That takes forever and they don’t really care for it either. So this thermometer was a real blessing. You just sweep it across the the temporal artery in the forehead. It captures the infrared heat that is emitted and then reads out the highest temperatures that it senses (out about 1000 a second). I was pretty impressed with how well it worked. I did some unscientific tests by taking my temp orally and with the Exergen and was pleased with the results.

I love the fact it comes with its first 9-volt battery. I also like that you can switch it from Farenheit to Celsius, for the pure nerdyness if nothing else. Some tips. Take the cover off. I know it seems pretty basic but I forgot and couldn’t figure out why it was reading low. Don’t do repeated swipes, apparently the temp with then drop. If you aren’t sure about the reading, wait a little bit and try again. Also, in the packaging there is a booklet but it is kind of hidden between 2 pieces of cardboard. Make sure you grab it before you toss the package.

My real problem with this is the fact I didn’t have it with my first kid almost 8 years! You can get this at a variety of places but Amazon is always one of my favorites and at under $35 it is a great deal. Even better though….

Win it!
How would you like to win your own Exergen Temporal Thermometer?

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(This is a FRN review)

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