Farming The Minecraft Way

farming the minecraft way

Today I am going to talk about farming in Minecraft. One of my friends who just started getting into Minecraft said that she had a hard time with some different farming techniques so today I am going to help you guys out with that kind of stuff. When you farm on Minecraft there is a lot of variations that you can do to make a totally different farm. 

 The main way I make my farm is with a lot of animals because they can be really important. Here is a list of a couple of farm animals that you should keep an eye out for.

  • Cows are pretty much the best farming animal because they are used for so many things. First they will give you milk whenever you want. You just need  to left click on it with a bucket and then the bucket will be filled with milk. And you can get leather and beef when you kill the cow. Also to get baby cows you need to give 2 grown up cows wheat and then they will make a baby cow.
  • Chickens are another good farmhouse staple. These are one of the most common animals. I have found them in almost all biomes that I have settled down in. When you first get them it can take you awhile to get a good flock going but once once you do you will never want to go without chickens again. I suggest that you actually have 2 chicken pits. One that is filled with chickens that never get slaughtered. The reason you want to have this pit is to get eggs. The other one you can chuck all of your unwanted eggs into and when they grow up you can kill them to get chicken meat and feathers. Another way to get chickens is to breed them together with seeds.

I hope that this helps you guys out.


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