Five in a Row: Review

I recently received Five in a Row: Volume 3 to review. I have been hearing how great this program is for years but me and my hard earned dollar are hard parted;).

For those of you who don’t know, I have kids 7-1 and love trying to find things that we can all learn from together. This is one of those things. It is designed for ages 4-8 and is a step by step guide into a well rounded education based on real books. The theory is that you read 1 simple book a week and go through the accompanying material but you could take longer if you want. It is very flexible and really does a great job of touching on various areas (such as math, geography, etc). It fits well into that reading time every day. Then we just discuss all the subject material through the next couple of days. You can tune it to whatever level your kids are at. For example, each unit is based on a book and has a vocabulary list. This list is well beyond my 3 year old preschooler but is great for my kindergartner and my 2nd grader. So I can just dump those words into a make your own crossword website. It also touches on geography, social studies, math, and science that you can tune to each child in your family. We wouldn’t use it for a complete curriculum for our older kids but it is great enrichment for them. I think it is more than enough for any preschooler. So go check out Five on a Row and let me know what you think!

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