Five Things you Never Knew About Minecraft


This talks about Beacons, Hoppers, Fish, Fishing Rods, and trapped chests in Minecraft. So these are a bunch of random things that I found. Either I stumbled on them by doing them on on accident or found them online. These are things that I don’t have a full post on but that you still will want to know I promise.

1)Beacons: I just started looking at these and they are really quite fascinating. This is very advanced because you need nether star (gotten by killing the wither just see one of my earlier posts) just to make it and you need 9 to 164 blocks of precious minerals (fill the crafting table with the material). Then you have to get the thing you wanted with another precious mineral to get the power you want. The power will stay for 20 blocks (9 blocks) to 50 blocks(164 blocks) . You should use iron because there is no advantage to using more precious mineral. 

2)Hoppers: These are a piece of redstone machinery that I just got into. You use iron and a chest to make a hopper (put a chest into the middle and iron every where else except the bottom corners and top middle).  If they shift clicked on a chest the hopper will put any materials in itself into the chest. If you click on the hopper you can put stuff into them.  Also you can just drop items then they will go into the hopper.

3)Fishing Rods: I found these actually in the XBOX version. I was just starting out and I was trying the tutorial and they  had a portion about fishing. To fish you need a fishing rod you need sticks and string (stick in a line from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner and string on the rest of the right hand side). To fish you left click and throw out the line to pull out the fish right click and it will pull the line in. You should do this if you see bubbles and then the hook goes down.

4)Fish:There are 4 kinds of fish. fish can be used to tame ocelots but that’s a different post.

  • Fish these are the most common types of fish so they are called fish. They are able to be cooked and eaten.
  • salmon these are basically the same as fish but it is called something different
  • clown fish these are able to be cooked and eaten and hey look cool
  • Puffer fish these are used in potions and are poisonous 

5)Trapped chests: These are so cool. You can make a trap on your server and when they open your chest they will fall into the trap. you make it with a trip wire and a chest. when you open a chest connected to redstone it’s like you pushed a button. you could make music play when you open your chests.

So I hope you learned something you didn’t know and tell me anything you know like this! See you                                                                                                                     Nerdpie

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