Food Network Challenge Princess Cake

So of course I watched this with all the little nerdlings. It was a crowd pleaser in our house. It was a good watch. So onto the critique…. With these kind of challenges they bring in special judges and it was made clear that it was all about the princess, not the story. Not everybody paid attention to that and it was clear.

Kate Sullivan: She did a Belle inspired cake and I was under whelmed. It was basically a 3 tiered cake (standard) with a bust on top and some of the characters from the movie on the sides. I really thought that it looked like those Barbie heads we had as kids to practice hair on, if it had been done well. Which it wasn’t really. I think that it was shown that time constraints are not her foray.

Flora Aghababyan: She had a Cinderella inspired cake and it lacked focus and detail. She did a large castle with some detail but a big part of the visual impact was the towers. They appeared to be made of just a cone of paper so that didn’t take a skill per say (a judging element). Then she added some small figurines but Cinderella was the worst. After talking to the judges she said that to do a great Cinderella and a dress would have taken 7 hours. I think that would have been a better use of time. She spent so much time on the rest of it but had an itty bitty Cinderella. Even if she would have been done great, Cinderella would have just melted in to the background.

Elizabeth Hodges, 3rd place: She did a tall Jasmine cake and it was iffy. It was iffy because Jasmine was just barely balanced on the top of a very nice pile of pillows, carpets, etc. She had to use wire and skewers (and they were visible) in order to keep it from falling. It seemed that she didn’t account for the proportions in Jasmine.

Norman Davis, 2nd place: He did a really cool concept. It was a coral reef with Sebastian and Ariel. Ariel was a substantial size and a good portion of the composition. I think that if Ariel’s head hadn’t had some balance issues he probably would have won. He pinned it back and “disguised” it with a necklace and some flowers. So it looked a little odd there.

Mary Maher, 1st place: She did a large 3D Snow White in a forest setting with Dopey. I have to say that the eyes looked odd in both the drawing and in the execution. She really focused on doing a great princess and I think that is what won this for her. Part way through it didn’t seem that she had enough time to finish anything but Snow White but she pulled it together and did an adorable Dopey. All and all it was pretty good.

There is my break down for what it is worth!

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