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ReadingComprehension Everyone knows that I am a huge fan to getting kids reading! I do not believe that reading always has to serve some great academic purpose but still you want to make sure the kids are understanding what they are reading. An occasional book report is a great option or even a story board or lapbook but you don’t always have time (or care) to do a huge project.

Sometimes you just want a quick check to make sure they understood the book and to maybe get some measurement for rewards!!! There are some great sites with quick and simple reading comprehension tests for tons of books. These are great resources for homeschoolers and teachers to use all year. They are also great tools to make sure your children don’t suffer the summer slide when it comes to reading by them staying engaged and reading! And they are all free!

  • Fun Trivia has literally thousands of quizzes available! Not only do they have a ton of quizzes available for K-8th but they also have a Young Adult section(with the Hunger Games;)! It is well organized by authors last name and there is also a section for series books. You have your choice of HTML version where you answer all the questions at once or a more quiz like format. In the true quiz format you will have you”point” value go down based on how long it takes and if you need a second chance.
  • Children’s Books Quizzes over at SoftSchools has a variety of quizzes also. Their list isn’t quite as extensive but they are just the quizzes. There isn’t a rewards system or even an account creation step. Just pop in and take the quiz. I think that most of the books are really 4th grade and under but there are a variety of Harry Potter books also. They even have Henry and Mudge for your early elementary students.
  • Book Adventure  is no longer free! But is a great site that is built for rewarding. You input what rewards are available to your student and then track what quizzes they take. This is aimed at K-8th and there are a lot of book options.

These are great tools but they are just that. You don’t have to quiz on every book or any for that matter. They are just tools for you to use as you see fit!!

(Updated 2021)

9 thoughts on “Free Reading Comprehension Tests Online”

  1. Every time I read a post like this I wish we had such options when I was home schooling! Computers and internet access have made it an entirely different experience!

  2. I love the book adventure website. I logged on today for my son to take a test and it says they are shutting the website down on 6/30/18! I emailed them told them how important they are and such a wonderful resource. I suggested if it is cost prhibitive to send out prizes then they should just stop that portion of their program. My kids don’t even know about the prizes but they love taking the tests after they have finished a book. Their website is so easy to use and is very similar to what my kids were using through Renaissance when they were in private school. Since we started homeschooling I have used book adventure as a major part of my Reading curriculum, I’m so disappointed to loose them! Do you have any information as to why they are shutting down?

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I love this! My daughter is very advanced and I want to get her working on reading comprehension without spending a fortune! I am sad that the book adventure site is shutting down, but very happy you listed some alternatives.

  4. When I created an account today for Book Adventure, the only part that is free are recommended book lists. All quizzes, incentives, etc now require a membership (about $40/yr.). Just FYI!

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