Freezer Cooking Update

Check out my nearly empty freezer! After doing the freezer and pantry challenge in January we have an empty, defrosted freezer! So today I joined in with Life as Mom and Money Saving Mom (and countless others) in a Freezer Cooking frenzy. This was a change from how I normally do my freezer cooking. Usually I only do 1 thing a day. Well, today I bit off more than I had energy for;). All because I wanted to play in the big leagues;).

So what did I get made?
2 Loaves of Zucchini Carrot bread (made 1 batch of muffins as 1 loaf)
3 batches of Broccoli Mac and Cheese gratin (each batch made 2 8×8 or round dishes) with 1/3 of the broccoli substituted with cauliflower
1 batch of Broccoli Mac and Cheese with Turkey and a handful of shredded carrot
1 batch of Easy Pasta Bake with Turkey and a handful of shredded carrot
It may not be all I hoped but it is a goodly amount of food to cook between 11-6;). Now I have zucchini grated along with Carrot in order to make a few more batches of bread. I am also going to make baked chicken to cube up and freeze for future meals. I also cooked a pork roast today in the crockpot that will make delish enchiladas!

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