Frugal Homeschooler: St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick in Stained GlassHere in the NerdFamily we love St. Patrick’s Day! We love the food, the fun and the learning!  And we love that there is so much out there for free to enjoy!

This year we are going to do our first lapbook! And in typical Frugal Homeschooler fashion we are using a free lapbook template from Homeschool Helper Online. It even has a library list for you!

There are a lot of sources for history on St. Patrick. Of course there is Wikipedia and that is a pretty good piece. There is also a lot of information over on the History Channel site. Or you can just go to the source! CCEL has St. Patrick’s actual confession. It really is an easy read and quite interesting. It helps to separate some of the truth from the myth.

Then it is time for fun and learning! Easy Fun School has a unit study on St. Patrick that is aimed at all ages and even has music. The Activity Village has a ton of fun. They have games, puzzles, stationary, crafts, etc.

So what are your plans for your learning and St. Patrick’s Day? Let me know if you do any of these fun activities. And remember that learning doesn’t have to be expensive.

4 thoughts on “Frugal Homeschooler: St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing all these great resources! We usually read a story about St. Patrick and that’s about it. I definitely want to add in the original source you shared.

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