Frugal Homeschooler: The Ear

The joy of homeschooling is that you are in the driver’s seat. So you can choose to study what ever you want. You know each family has little games and such you play? Well, I always do the “I am going to eat you up” thing. So I told NerdPie that I wasn’t going to eat her ears because she needed them to hold up her glasses but I was going to eat NerdBug’s. She said she was sure he needed them but when I asked why (the hole would still be in there to his ear;) she wanted to know too. Thus inspired our morning of ear study!

First we started by reading an article together from Kids Health. It layed out all the parts of the ear and what their jobs are. It was presented well and the kids really liked it.
Then we did a little bit of seat work. For the older 2 kids I went to Enchanted Learning. They had a diagram with blank lines and a list of parts. Each part had a definition to go with the name and then the kids had to place them on the diagram. Enchanted Learning does have the diagrams available perfectly formatted for printing but you have to be a paid member for those. These were the free versions;). There was also an answer key so I didn’t have to figure it out.
Then for the younger 2 I went to Edupics for a simple picture of an ear for them to color. While it may not have furthered their real knowledge of the ear, it did work on their hand eye coordination. Look how nicely the Nerdling stayed in the lines!
There you have a simple morning of free learning just because someone asked a question!

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