Frugal Homeschooler: Vocabulary and Spelling

I have collected a few free vocabulary and spelling resources that I wanted to share.

First up is Learning Vocabulary Fun. They have all kinds of great online games. You can choose themes and levels for everything from crosswords and word scrambles to easy matching for younger kids.

Then Learning Treasures has spelling lists and daily printable worksheets for all of first grade and some of second and third grade.

Then Crossword Puzzle Games has a great tool for creating crosswords with your own words. You supply the word and the hint and they arrange it.

So hopefully this gives everyone some really good resources. Remember that homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive! If you have any resources that I didn’t mention please, let me know. Also, if there is an area or subject you would like me to apply the Frugal Homeschooler treatment to, just let me know and maybe I will fulfill your request next!

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