Geeky Links 9/3

Isn’t that gorgeous? It is a Black Hole eating a star and it is amazing. Thanks New Scientist!

Mashable has a great piece on the Ford Evos. It is the new Ford concept car that is supposed to be all about social networking! It has these awesome gulf wing doors. Check out the pictures!!

Collider has some pictures from Man of Steel, the new Superman reboot. It includes details about the new costume. I like the new costume! None of the underwear on the outside look;).


One thought on “Geeky Links 9/3”

  1. …The of the new Spider-Man costume the less I like it. Granted I need to see how it performs in action but these new set photos dont bode well for the final picture. The costume makes Spidey look like a cross between an extra-terrestrial and venetian blinds. Of course its likely that some CG work will be done on it between now and release so I dont want to be too harsh on the design. However Im baffled as to why Spider-Mans junk looks like its rotting off..We also have a good look at the spider emblem on Spideys back. Like the spider on the front of the costume the designer clearly thought Spiders legs are gigantic. Lets do something with that. Hit the jump to check out new images of the costume. Marc Webbs untitled Spider-Man reboot stars Andrew Garfield Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. Its due out in 3D on July 3 2012…Click over to for more images..

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