Geeky Links

Here are some of my favorite geeky links that I have found this week!

Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport (picture from Engadget)

Normally I wouldn’t say that a car is a geeky thing. But when it is a Tesla, that is geeky! Engadget has a review of the Roadster 2.5. Gorgeous!
GeekDad has a great Dork Tower comic for all of us who have seen the PBS show Dinosaur Train! I have thought about this every time it is on and always wondered if I should tell the kids;).


A MIT professor has developed an artificial leaf that can provide power for a house! I would love to see something like this in the market. That is where I think we will see how well it really works.

One thought on “Geeky Links”

  1. Tesla Rocks, and appears as though they may become a part of the big 4 in auto manufactures! How could you go wrong there?

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