Get Help with Quick & Effective Homeschool Transcripts (Livestream & Template) in 2023

How do I do homeschool transcripts for my high school (or junior high)student? Will colleges accept my transcripts? What needs to be on a transcript?

These are some of the most common questions we receive! But have no fear, homeschool transcripts don’t need to be hard in order to be accepted by colleges, scholarships, and even the military. On Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 7pm Homeschool Hangout is hosting a Livestream on making quick and effective transcripts.

So what does all that mean?

We are going to gather online for one hour. I will lay out how I make my transcripts in a super homeschool-friendly manner. It accounts for the fluidity of time and semesters that we as homeschoolers like to have. I will talk about key information that needs to be included. I will also address how we handle honors and college classes in the GPA.

There will also be plenty of time to ask any questions you may have. How do you write up that odd life experience type class? What about volunteer work? Jobs? All that will be addressed.

You will also receive a simple template that you will just need to customize for your students to create awesome homeschool transcripts! All that is included in this $25 session! Please register as soon as possible to secure your spot! (Registration is completed when payment is received)

(Note: This was first published on Homeschool Hangout)

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