How to Get Previously Made Worlds On Minecraft


I have found lots of previously made worlds that I wanted to have from Lord of the Rings to Neverland. These worlds are so cool. You can take the world and play in it with out having to do all the set up to create it. You can also look at all of the cool things that other people have dreamed up. And often you can find worlds that are based on one of your favorite shows. My current favorite is this Neverland world. It  is based on my new favorite show Once Upon a Time when they got to Neverland. It had all of the details  and I haven’t finished exploring to find even more details.

But once I downloaded them I was stumped about what to do next. So I did some research and now I’m going to show you how to find them and use them.

Okay so first you need to find the world you want. My best source is Planet Minecraft which is a great source for all things Minecraft. That is where I found the Neverland world. I have also seen Feed the Beast but I haven’t looked around there much. I have only seen it in a book so I can’t say any thing sure about the quality and choices of worlds.

Getting the World

1) Once you pick your world check to make sure that it is completed because so people post the world information before the world is ready.

2) Press the download button. The world will be in your downloads file.

Putting your new world into your game:

1) You need to get to your  .minecraft folder on you computer.  The easiest way is to go into the Minecraft game.  

2) Go to “options” and  click on “resource packs” then click the button that says “Open resource pack folder” then you should see the .minecraft folder.

3) Open the .minecraft and open the “saves folder” that is in it.

 4) Then copy the world into that. How you copy it is by left clicking on it and clicking “copy”

5) Most worlds are zipped so try to unzip  them by Sometimes the person who makes the world will put the actual world file in a file within the zipped file. One time I found a map of the world I got as a file in the zipped file.