Gifts that Grow Intelligence When You #GiftSmart

Gifts, gifts, gifts. While it isn’t what Christmas is truly about, it is a large component of celebrating the season. But I don’t want to just give gifts that just fill the docket of being gifts, instead I want to give gifts that equip, enlighten, or are useful in a fun way (no appliances or towels here;). So I was really stoked when I was approached to write about the #GiftSmart campaign at RadioShack!

I have to declare right out that RadioShack holds a special place in my heart. It has always been the source of components and geek toys long before I had ever heard of any other stores selling geek things! I also credit RadioShack for my wonderful marriage but that is another story for another day;). And I am happy to say that RadioShack is still known for great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) gifts, along with fabulous geek gifts. And I received 2 of them this year!!!

LittleBits Synth Kit

The STEM gift I received from RadioShack was the LittleBits Synth kit. Have kids who like building things? Circuitry? Electronics? Regardless of the answer they will love this! This kit comes with everything you will need (including detailed instructions) to build 10 projects, with some components being shared;). A naturally geeky kid with jump right in and start assembling. Kids who haven’t really been exposed to STEM or just not actively interested in wiring everything in the world will love this kit. Why? They are going to make musical instruments! You get an instant payoff with every project and the more projects they build, the more they learn! And the pieces just snap together so you don’t have to actually do real technical wiring.

LittleBits is also a great tradition to start. You can buy more kits and combine them to do more and more things! And if you are looking for 1 gift to give a family with children, it is a winner.


I also got to check out the AUVIO Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Of course it is geeky, fun, and very useful so it ticks all the marks for me! This is a great bluetooth speaker and so flexible. It is large enough to produce a great sound yet so light and portable. You can use it so many ways too.  I like to watch tv on a computer and while the display is phenomenal, sometimes my sound needs a little help! Having this speaker sitting and charging on my bookshelf means I can just pop it on! At the same time it is usable in the car, on the beach, or in your bathroom while you are having a nice relaxing bubble bath! This is that gift that you might not buy for yourself but you would use a ton if it is given to you! That is the perfect intersection!

RadioShack has a ton of other STEM and geek presents that are just waiting for you to pick up at your nearest location or online! Thanks so much to RadioShack for compensating me for this post and having some great products for gifts this year!

I leave you with Weird Al;).

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