Give The Gift of Minecraft This Christmas


Today I am going to tell you about neat Minecraft gifts to give to any Nerd from an adult to a child. There is something for everyone this year. also there is this cool way to wrap them. I found Minecraft diamond wrapping paper that is really cool. I am going to just jump into the the ultimate gift list of Christmas.

  1. Minecraft Legos. These are really popular and my brother (The Nerdster who loves Minecraft too) loves his sets there are the:Cave, Nether ,and the Farm. And there are lots more.
  2. Minecraft Plushies there are so many out there like this set of 7 that has Endermen and sheep and more.
  3. Kitchen stuff these are really cool we have the minecraft pick axe that opens bottles and my personal favorite the shaped like minecraft items like a pickaxe or steve. There is also this really cool creeper mug.
  4. Figurines there are tons out there like the bad guys set that comes with a sword and bow or the sword and pickaxe bundle instone or diamond.
  5. Room decor There are some really interesting things  like a 3d wall cling that is in a mine shaft or a window into Minecraft or a creeper breaking through the wall. One thing I was really interested in is a glowing minecraft clock. There are also a bunch of different lights like a glowing diamond ore or a light up torch. There is this really cool pillow case that is also minecraft and a really cool poster.

That is some of the really neat gifts in Minecraft this season. I will be sure to update you guys when there is new items on the market. Let me know if there is anything I missed.


5 thoughts on “Give The Gift of Minecraft This Christmas”

  1. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours chasing down Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio because 2 of my kids wanted to gift it to their brother. It’s a hard one to find, but back on amazon. Definitely check it out — you may want to add it to your list!

  2. The Nerdster was also so looking at that I think it is cool I might make a post on all the figurines and the stop motion set will be in it

  3. Great list and I think many people with Minecraft fans on their list will appreciate your help. Two years ago I bought my daughter a pig plushie and when her friends see it they all want one too. So, I agree, plushies are a good suggestion! We also have the creeper mug you suggested, which is very well loved. Last year I got a pig key chain but it recently lost its head. Your idea are much better than the pig key chain.

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