Got old computers?

What happens when you are done with your Nerd Things? We all (ok, the nerdy of us) have old unused computers that we don’t really know what to do with. We don’t want to throw them out because they are of some use but not really to us. Well now there is an option. Costco has paired with GreenSight to give us an option (for Costco members). Basically you go to the site and input the details about your computer. Then it gives you a “trade in value” and if you accept the value you proceed. Then they give you a free, prepaid shipping label to send the equipment to them. Then you get a Costco Cash card for the “trade in value”. GreenSight salvages any parts that can be used and then works with others to dispose of the remains without using a landfill. I think that is a win, win!

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