Great Gifts for Christmas!

Shannon over at Rocks at My Dryer asked for a list of great gifts. So here are a few we at the NerdFamily love!

First up is Blokus Classic. We all love this game. NerdDad and I can play against each other and the 7 and 5 year olds can also play. It is great!

We are also huge Mega Bloks fans! These big blocks are great family fun. They are safe for all our kids (down to less than a year and a half) and what else can you use to build arches big enough that the kids can crawl under?

SET Game is a great game because it can be as simple or hard as you would like it to be.

Quadrilla Marble Railway is an awesome family gift. It is composed of different pieces so you can make a new set up everytime. In addition to cool marble fun it also teaches logic and a bit of science. There are also many pieces so it is an awesome gift tradition to start. Then you can just gift them a new piece every gift occasion.

I also love giving books like Usborne Encyclopedias and The Chronicles of Narnia Box Set because they are books that appeal to everyone in the family and can be read (many times) together.

So there are just a few gifts I love! Click on my gift worthy category to see a few more.

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