Hell’s Kitchen 3/12

Now that we are rid of Colleen who is the next to go? Let’s strap in a go!

Hell’s Kitchen is hosting a Bar Mitzvah! So they are going to take the guest of honor’s favorite recipes (from his mom and grandmother) and come up with their own version. Each team has 45 minutes to come up with their own versions of chicken soup, hamburger and brisket (his favorite foods). My question is where are they at on the kosher issue? Ben is feeling a lot of his Jewish pride. Carol is planning a blue cheese burger that will be cooked to medium. No one on the red team agrees. Max, the guest of honor, is going to be judging. The guys won the chicken soup round. The girls won the brisket. The Blue Team won the challenge because Max didn’t like the blue cheese in the red team’s burger. So the blue team was off to a day at the spa. The punishment was to decorate the dining room for the Bar Mitzvah. They have to work with a party planner that JP doesn’t like (I think he was from the 16th last year). Though all of this so far, Carol has made herself a huge target.

Out the gate Andrea messed up on risotto. The red team had to go out and hold Max in the chair for the hora. This gave the guys a chance to get a little edge. Jay seemed to be falling behind at the appetizer station. An hour and half into service the apps were all served. Coi forgot the burgers for the guest of honor’s table. Then Coi couldn’t seem to get the burgers right. Danny’s plates were dirty and Coi was serving more potatoes than beef on the plate. Then Lacey seemed unable to reheat the brisket. Then the party planner dropped the cake and JP was had a bit of a fit. The chefs did complete dinner service and Ramsay arranged a little surprise for Max. It was the Harlem Globe Trotters. Andrea tried to mend with Carol but Carol said at the time she wanted to punch her in the throat and that made Andrea mad.

The winning team was the blue team. Andrea was considered the best of the worst so she had to go “think” about 2 nominees. Normally he says to pick 2 people for elimination. I think she will pick Carol and Coi. When they all came before Ramsay and she said she wasn’t sure. Ramsay said tough. She ended up nominating Coi and LA. When Coi says that Andrea was the worst Ramsay then polls the whole team to see what they thought. Everyone except for 1 person said Andrea but he ended up eliminating Coi.

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