Hell’s Kitchen 4/15 Live Blog

So the chefs wake up to chickens around their apartments. They had to each grab one and bring it down to the kitchen. The chase alone was funny. Ramsay had them thinking they were going to have to butcher the chickens. Instead they returned the chickens to the pens and got to work with chickens that were already butchered.

The challenge was to butcher the chickens into 8 pieces. He had an interesting aspect of going through the wishbone instead of around. Then they 5 minutes to dispatch theirs into 8 pieces. Then Ramsay began counting pieces. The women had a total of 44/48 qualifying pieces. Jason has this “the girl’s surprised me” and then his first piece was trashed and he got 6/8. Then Craig got a measly 2/8. They didn’t even finish counting the men’s since there was no way they could catch up. So the women won! The men have already picked out Craig to go home.

The men got to go pick peppers in the sun and they were mad. Jason doesn’t “do” manual labor and the guys were throwing things at Craig.

The women got to go to the Sunset Strip were they ran into Aaron (the crier) from Season 3. Then they all got to ride the mechanical bull. The girls decided to start targeting the guys one at a time.

When they returned Corrie and some of the other girls invited some of the guys to join her in the hot tub. Ben recognized what a player Corrie was and he thought no one would buy into her. But Jason stripped down and hopped in. He even used, “Whatsup girl, how you doing”. Does that line actually work on anyone? But the girls fed him and pumped him for information. Now all the guys are mad.

As further punishment for losing Bobby had to cook table side whereas Jon Phillip was cooking table side for the girls. Then Ramsay said Jason was on desserts and began quizzing him on what the desserts were. When Jason didn’t know Ramsay sent him back to the dorm to learn them.

And then the cooking began! Christina and Craig were on the hot appetizers. Out the shoot the Blue Team was fighting and looking for flaws in Craig (not that he was doing well). Then Ramsay began yelling at Rosann about her cold appetizer. For the first time I have seen, Ramsay sent out a partial table (from the Blue Team).

Lou Ross goes and gets Jason to get him to try the desserts again with Ramsay. Jason couldn’t pull it out with Ramsay and then said he wanted to go home. Ramsay doesn’t let him off that easy and Jason ends up getting the desserts.

Then Vanessa delivered some raw meat as part of the first entree. After Ramsay yells at her and then she was shook and crying. On the Blue side, Lou Ross wasn’t told they needed veg so it hadn’t gotten done. So an entire entree was held up because the side vegetable wasn’t ready. Then Rosann torched some meat.

Then Jason put the brulee in the oven even though it was done. Isn’t it standard in restaurants to pre-cook the brulee’s and then just “brulee” them before service? (carmalize the sugar) And once again the fish wasn’t right on the Blue Team. It is salmon people! Salmon is quick and easy, I don’t know what the problem is. The salmon broke Ramsay and he shut it down.

There weren’t any winners, each team nominated 1. Christina got to nominate for the Red and Petrozza for the Blue. Petrozza put up Jason dues to cooking skills and communication. Then Christina put up Vanessa due to the meat station fiasco. Once again the chick cried. Who knows if that is the reason she got to stay. I think Ramsay was right in sending Jason home because he did give up before he started at service.

I think Christina increased her integrity stock with Ramsay by not nominating Corrie and we still have Craig to get rid of. I think how long Craig stays is totally dependent on how well the men work in spite of him.

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