Hell’s Kitchen 4/22: The Summary

This week has been a crazy week without blogging time so here is a brief recap.
Ramsay had everyone clean the kitchen before bed and Corrie ditched out and went to bed. So when Ramsay asked who the strongest was on the women’s team the team backed Jen over Corrie. The women even told Ramsay that part of it was because Corrie ditched out on them. The guys nominated Ben. I think that was a mistake and it should have been Lou Ross.

Then Ramsay says the will open for a special family night with a special menu. So the challenge is to roll out and form pasta. They had 20 minutes. The girls won, 6.57 lbs to 5.48lbs! So the guys got to prep both kitchens. The girls got to go to the Santa Monica pier.

Family service begins and the first team to finish cooking wins. The guys serve raw chicken wings while Vanessa burns herself and had to go to the hospital. The girls won and Bobby was considered the best of the worst. Bobby nominated Craig and Matt for elimination. Ramsay wanted to hear from Ben. But in the end Craig was bounced. I think that was an actual benefit for the guys.

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