Hell’s Kitchen 4/8

First off, trim American Idol so the show starts at 9pm people.

How did Jason not know what he was getting into? Did he not watch any of the previous seasons? Which leads me to the next thing. Ramsay’s assistants woke up the chefs up. How is this a surprise? They do this every season. And then some of the women came out in pj’s.

Then we go into the challenge. Chef Ramsay demonstrated how to break down a halibut and then the chefs had to do it. I have to say I love these breaking down food challenges. It is interesting to watch and it also tells you a lot about big talkers. So the portioning fish challenge ended in a tie. So to break the tie each team had to send up one member. This member had to pick out the fillet closest to 6 ounces to win. The girls sent up Corey and the guys sent up Ben. Ben got a 5.9 ounce and Corey got a 4.8 ounce. So Guys win and got to go on a 100-foot super yacht. The girls got to prep all the halibut and make the fish stock.

Side note: Jen always has a problem and thinks that everyone is not competent.

Getting onto service. So Ramsay comes in pre-service and asks Petrozza (on the Guy’s side) what the appetizers are. When he doesn’t know, Ramsay bounces him out until he knows the menu and says the station will remain unmanned until he returns. Craig gets sent out to work the front of the house for the men and Rosanne will be going out for the women. Then Petrozza comes out to try the menu again and fails. Ramsay sends him back to read and he says he is done. He had to be convinced by another guy to try again. Then he got it.

It took 45 minutes for Rosanne to get any orders back for the Girl’s kitchen. The Guys got into a substantial lead. Craig hit a woman in the head with a chair as he was taking it to someone. Rosanne had orders that she brought after the people had been there 2 hours. The kitchen had all the standard issues: slow, not up to standards, etc. So eventually Ramsay shut it all down.

Based on comment cards and entree count the women lost. Corey was named best of the worst. Then she put up Christina for “strategic reasons”. Next up was Jen for “personal reasons”. The guys were laughing through the girls saying why they should stay. Jen listed everything that she did during prep as her reason to stay (and it lasted forever and was edited). The Ramsay kicked off Sharon without giving her a chance to defend herself. He said he appreciated Corey’s strategy but had a conscious and couldn’t keep Sharon.

We will see how nasty the women get, now won’t we;)?

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