Hell’s Kitchen 5/20

So here we all are again. The kids are down and the Tivo is purring so let’s do it!

We left Hell’s Kitchen waiting for a volunteer to go to the men’s kitchen. Corey is trying to get Jen over to the Blue team so Corey can take back leadership. In the end Jen did volunteer to go over.

The challenge was to make 4 dishes using all 20 ingredients on a tray only once. The red team seemed to be logical and have a system. Where as on the blue team their was some chaos. During the challenge Matt managed to cut the tip of his finger off. That left the Red team down a person so the girls rallied. Then Ramsay brought up that no one knew where the tip was. It may be in with the pancetta. Now on the blue side no one was talking and Scott came in a pointed out that there are over lapping ingredients. Then there was an issue with the veal, Lou Ross and Jen. Jen sold Lou Ross out as the him deciding to do a surf and turf and then not putting it on. So the Blue Team lost and go to spend the day doing laundry by hand(ie no washing machine). The Red Team got to go do the annual photo shoot. Back in the kitchen Jen is choosing to be both a grouch and a jerk. She totally blames Lou Ross and is going to make him pay.

Tonight there are going to be food critics in the restaurant and their comments will help determine who will win. The Red Team said they are great now that Jen is gone. So Jen has her sights set on the Red Team. At the critics table both teams are going head to head on the same dishes. So the Red Team’s appetizers come out first and the critics like them.

Matt starts on the meat with inconsistent sized meat and Ramsay jumped all over him. Then Petrozza slices beef before it rested and about 3 minutes early. Jen steps up in the Blue Team to lead. Then over at the Red Team Christina over cooked one side of salmon. The critics like Lou Ross’s salmon better than Christina’s.

Then the Red Team seemed to quite putting out main dishes. Rosanne was burning the vegetables. That seemed to lead to her running out of gnocchi and carrot puree. At the same time the Blue Team starts working well and getting everything out. Matt isn’t doing well with the meat and is losing heart completely. Then he tossed the Red Team out of the kitchen. On the other side the Blue Team finished the Red Team’s service and Jen is taking great joy.

Corey got to be the best of the worst and had to put up 2 people for elimination. Ramsay said that she put out a solid performance. So she put up Matt and Rosanne. Corey even said she never wanted to cook with Rosanne again. Ramsay also wanted Christina to step up. After Rosanne said how she was getting better and learning more, Ramsay sent he back with Corey. Then he bounced Rosanne out.

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