Hell’s Kitchen 5/27

Hi everyone, welcome back for another dramatic episode of Hell’s Kitchen. The season opens with Matt apologizing to his team and the blue team complaining about Jen.

Our challenge is focused on timing. They have 3 dishes that must be cooked and finished at the same time but only one person in the kitchen at a time. They will cook for 6 minutes and then have 15 seconds to communicate with their team members. Jen thought that Lou Ross should step out (since they had an extra) and convinced everyone else to. Ramsay thought Lou Ross was fast so it surprised him that they selected Lou Ross to step out.

Matt talked to Christiana and she said yes (even though there was more time) but she said she had no idea Matt said. So why did you say yes? The last leg of the race was Corey and Jen. I think the Blue team was torn between wanting Jen to fall on her face and wanting to win. Corey forgot the salad in the first dish but Jen over cooked the eggs and the scallops were raw in the center. The Red Team won that dish. Of course in the confessional Jen doesn’t know what he was talking about. The second dish didn’t look good for the Red Team but the blue team didn’t have the sauce. So the Blue Team won that one. On the third and final dish, the Red Team forgot the baby leeks and the Blue Team forgot the sauce. So the Red Team won that dish and the challenge.

Jen says she did everything perfect except the last sauce but she isn’t going to say she sorry. After all the crud she gave Lou Ross last week? So the Red Team gets to go to the beach and the Blue team is on maintenance duty. Including cleaning the red carpet.

For dinner service they are creating their own menus. They had 1 hour to come up with their menus. The Red Team seemed to collaborate on a menu whereas Jen tried to bulldoze the Blue Team. The cherry on the top was her telling someone to write this down. If you are going to dominate at least have the pen. It seems that no one except Jen is happy with the Blue Team menu. Ramsay loved the Red Team menu but it depends if they can get it on the plate. Now when it came to the Blue menu, Ramsay was less than excited. When he questioned Lou Ross on wrapping the halibut in zucchini and squash, Lou Ross was very clear that it wasn’t what he wanted. When it was clear that this was Jen’s menu Ramsay had them redo it. So I think it is clear that Lou Ross and Jen are going to fight through the whole night.

So diners get to choose which color menu they order off of. Matt starts off with salty pasta and was holding up the output of appetizers on the Red team. Then when the Red Team finally get appetizers out, they come back as still being to salty and Ramsay says it is because of Matt sweating into the food. Christina took Matt’s place on appetizers and Matt was upset with that because he wanted to keep trying. Now over on the Blue Team Lou Ross was putting out raw steaks. After 3 returned steaks Ramsay says if they get one more steak returned that he will close the Blue Kitchen. Then Matt messed up the veg station. Matt gets angry and starts throwing things. Then Corey kicked him out of that station. 2 hours in Christina and Corey are banging it out and was putting out more food than the entire Blue Team. All Matt was doing is cleaning. Over at the Blue Team, Jen’s dessert station was a mess and she took up a raw souffle. Both teams did actually complete their services.

Matt appeared shocked when Ramsay said that the parpadelle dish was a down fall of the Red but in the end the Blue Team won. Petrozza was the best of the worst in spite of being a very messy cook. I don’t know why you would need any time to figure it out. Not shockingly Petrozza puts up Lou Ross and Jen. Ramsay asked Petrozza which one of the 2 he should send home. Petrozza said Lou Ross and Ramsay agreed and sent them home. Then Ramsay called up Jen and Matt and said he wasn’t sure about either of them. Then Ramsay sent Jen back to the girls and Matt back to the boys.

I think Petrozza should have picked Jen. While Lou Ross may be a less capable chef you can teach someone who is open. But Jen is a poison. Now I think and hope that the girls eat Jen alive and don’t let her dominate. I am predicting that either Jen or Matt will go home.

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