Hell’s Kitchen 5/6 Live Blog

So here we find ourselves yet again. So strap in and let us go!

For our challenge we find ourselves at the Original Farmer’s Market. The chefs will be cooking for a Sweet 16 party. Each team had 25 minutes and $100 to come up with 2 appetizers and 1 entree. When they get back to the kitchen they had 45 minutes to prepare and serve their food.

Matt suggested a sushi pizza on a tortilla. It was quickly shut down. Back at the kitchen Matt said he would peel the sweet potatoes but he needed a peeler. Ben suggested that he just use his knife (Duh). Matt appears to be getting ready to throw a fit but I am not sure. Matt then says to Ramsay that he was at a 16th party and that it had no influence on their dishes. Petrozza seemed a bit shocked that it wasn’t just Ramsay tasting but the girl and her mom.

The women were talking about how picky 16 year olds were. I wonder if they were actually considering California teens. In California we tend to be a bit more interested in foreign cuisine because it isn’t that foreign. Now I have to take back my previous statement. This girl hadn’t even had shrimp before.

How the judging worked was dishes would go head to head and which ever team had the most dishes chosen would win. The guys’ wing dish won out over the womens’ shrimp dish. Round 2 was the girls’ halibut with rice vs guys’ sweet potato mash with asparagus and shrimp. The girls won round 2. Round 3 was the entrees. The girls had a flank steak with fries and the guys had fillet mignon. The young lady had never seen pomegranate seeds and thought they looked odd and unappetizing. The guys won the 3rd round and there fore the whole challenge.

The girls’ punishment was to decorate for the Sweet 16 party and worse yet had to deal with the party planner. The guys go to go be like teenagers by starting their day at the go cart track. Then the guys got to Kerry Simon’s (one of my favorites from the Food Network) for desserts!

That night, Corrie sets her sights on taking Lou Ross down. By what ever means needed (hot tub anybody?). But there was no romance between them.

Service this time will be for the party. It was the normal menu plus the winning dishes.

Shayna was focusing on her salsa dish completely during prep. The girls were complaining about her. Christina is on the hot appetizer. I wonder if this will spell her final demise because that seems to be the most vulnerable position. And when she forgets the mushrooms in the birthday girl’s dish and then the parmesan it isn’t looking good. But 45 minutes in and almost all the appetizers were at so apparently it wasn’t too bad. Rosanne had to do the birthday girl’s entree again after she had got it. Ramsay ends up getting Rosanne out of the way and made the birthday girl’s food himself. Shayna was taking a long time on garnish and then Corrie said it might be her weight because she can’t move around the kitchen very fast. I am more over weight and I dare Corrie to come into my kitchen and see if my weight prevents me from cooking efficiently (Yes, hit a nerve;).

Matt was holding up the guys’ and their entrees. Then the fish on the birthday girl’s mom dish was over cooked and sent back. Then Matt made it under cooked. When Bobby took over the fish station Matt said, “Your acting like I am doing a bad *** job”. To which Bobby said he was. Ramsay accused Matt of hiding because he let Bobby run it.

Dinner service was completed! Then Ramsay had a surprise for the birthday girl. He had arranged a performance by her favorite bad.

98% of the guys’ customers said they would return and 99% of the girls’ customers said they would return. So there was no loser so both teams had to put up someone. Of course Matt was put up for the guys. The girls had to evaluate and didn’t have such a clear decision. Shayna said Rosanne and Rosanne said Shayna. In the end Matt and Shayna were nominated even though Ramsay said that under cooking the birthday girl’s steak was horrible (Rosanne). So Ramsay called up Rosanne, Shayna and Matt. Matt asked to stay and be put on the girls’ team. Ramsay put Matt back in line. Then he sent Shayna home and put Matt on the girls team. The girls are already not happy. I think next week we may see Matt go over the edge.

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