Hell’s Kitchen 6/10/8

So here we meet again for another gripping episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Now that we are rid of Matt I think it is going to be much more competitive. But will Jen’s attitude be her own undoing? Let’s go!

Ramsay demos the new dish for the menu which is Lobster Spaghetti. Then Ramsay announces that Hell’s Kitchen is opening a cooking school. They will each get a student and have to teach them how to make the Lobster Spaghetti. They are descibed to be society wives and they are all dressed up in heels. Petrozza is a little distracted by his partners beauty. I was a little surprised to see Corey having her student toss instead of using something to turn. Jen kept trying to cook for her student. Ramsay liked Christina’s student and Corey’s. The others all had things that went wrong. The winner was Christina. The losers got to scrub out Hell’s Kitchen including the fryers. Christina got to go to lunch with Ramsay and some of LA’s best restaurantuers. The students all got Ramsay’s new cookware. It looks as if Christina is having the lunch in the blue kitchen. Everyone was already annoyed that they lost and then they got more annoyed when Christina was talking during prep. She has definitely pushed all their buttons and needs to watch herself.

Ramsay warns the chefs before service that there will be a party of 12. Over all the restuarant is booked to its full 120. Christina started off service by only delivering 1 of 2 spaghettis. Christina and Corey has apps flying out. Bobby started off the meat entrees really bad. Jen started messing up the fish. Then JP heard and was having all the wait staff push the meat instead of fish. But Bobby’s meat wasn’t looking up so then JP was trying to have everyone push the chicken. Jen and Ramsay got into it a little. An hour and a half nothing is moving between Bobby’s meat and Jen’s fish. Things started moving and then the party of 12 came in. Corey and Christina go all the apps out together. Then the moved onto working on dessert. Jen couldn’t get the fish done and so Ramsay kicked her off her table and cooked the fish himself. Petrozza’s timing was off and Bobby had a flaming skillet.

Ramsay said dinner service was too painful but Christina stood out as doing well. She got to nominate 2. Of course, Jen doesn’t think she needs to go up. Christina puts up Jen and Bobby. Jen says she should stay because she will give it her all and Ramsay said he didn’t know if he could work with attitude. Bobby thanked Ramsay for stopping the bad food from going out. Ramsay asked Bobby if he is a better cook than Jen and he said yes because he handles pressure better. Jen said she is more organized and comes up with ideas Ramsay likes. Then Ramsay asked who she thought should go and she said Jen. But in the end Ramsay sent home Bobby.

I can’t imagine Ramsay actually hiring any of these people. I think it might be better to cash them out on the first year salary and look else where.

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