Hell’s Kitchen 7/1/8

So here we are, down to the final 2 and the last step before the finale. Of course that means that we are at the “Set up your restuarant” challenge.

Christina goes back and starts working on her menu but Petrozza couldn’t focus and went to bed. At 36 hours until opening Christina has a menu and Petrozza doesn’t. Then they start meeting with the designer. The designer wants to see Petrozza’s menu to set the scene and he just throws out some ingredients. Christina seems to have strong opinions. Petrozza likes a celedon green chef’s jacket and flowers. Whereas Christina wants plain black suits and t-shirts. Then they worked on their menus with the sous chefs.

Then Ramsay calls them into his office and says he isn’t sure that he has the right finalists. But then he said he knows he does. That was a mean joke;). He tells them that they are going to New York City. They all pile into the private jet and go. They all get out in the middle of Times Square and the big screen has their names on it. He then tells them that he is going to send them both to Dubai for 5 days to eat at his restuarant and observe there. Christina doesn’t know where Dubai is. Then he took them to London New York and told them they had to cook their signature dish there.

They had 45 minutes to make their dishes. Petrozza is making a filet mignon with a risotto and demiglace. Christina was making an aged NY strip with succatash and fingerling potatoes. The judges were Ramsay’s 5 Executive Chefs. I have seen some of these chefs on a BBC America show. Petrozza won and as a reward he gets to choose first out of the contestants for his chefs. Then Whoopi came out. Can we just get to the cooking?!?!?!

Then they came back to LA. Petrozza is very happy with his dining room but Christina is not happy at all. Then they all go to sleep.

Next up is choosing their staffs.

Christina’s line up: Corey, LouRoss and ???
Petrozza’s line up: Bobby, Ben and ???

I think there wasn’t a lot of cooking in the episode and I find that dissapointing. This was very predictable if you have ever seen the previous seasons. But next week should be very good! See you then.

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