Hell’s Kitchen Live Blog: 5/13

The kids are napping and I am cleaning my laptop table (which is covered in papers) so let’s go!

So this week Matt is cooking with the girls and I am very intrigued to see how this turns out. The boys and Matt are fighting over the last elimination. Corrie claims Matt isn’t truly part of their team because he is blue and will always be blue.

For the challenge Ramsay has prepared 3 meals that were all missing the meat and has soy substitutes. Then he asks them all what they are missing. Matt said (to the camera) that he thought maybe the beef stew meat was cat because it was stringy (Not that he has eaten cat). After no one gets it and Ramsay tells them what is up, he announces that there will be a blind taste test. He has prepared trays (he does this every season) and feeds them. They then guess what the foods are. Jen had to sit this one out since the teams are uneven (Ramsay’s choice). Matt and Ben were the last ones to go. Ramsay had something special for them. He made a dish that had 10 ingredients. Matt and Ben would alternate and each ingredient was worth a point. The red team locked it up with Matt. Neither guy got any wrong but Matt just put made it out of reach. The blue team had to clean the dorm from top to bottom. Whereas the porch was turned into a spa for the red team. Also Hell’s Kitchen will be open that night. As added torture Ben had to serve beverages to the Red Team.

Both Matt and the Blue team are looking for some justification and redemption as they head into service. Rosanne messed up her first scallops in the fish station. Bobby and Lou Ross were having communication issues on their scallop appetizers. Jen got yelled at for taking over to much and then she seemed to quit talking to anyone. Then Lou Ross redeemed himself to Ramsay. Then Rosanne messed up yet again. Ben messed up his food and then gave Ramsay excuses as to why the guys weren’t communicating. Christina was getting praised for well cooked meat. At the point that half of the red diners were having their entrees none of the blue diners were. Then Petrozza got yelled out for a dirty kitchen while Matt got complimented for his risotto. The Ben ran out of prepped lamb only 5 entrees into service. Then Rosanne gave Ramsay raw food again and then Ramsay accused Jen of being behind and cocky. Then Ramsay threw a tray of food on Jen’s station. He then raked both Jen and Rosanne over the coals. Then Ben got food back from the customers. Ramsay had it with Ben and Ramsay closed it all down.

Ramsay wasn’t happy with anyone except Matt and the Blue team lost. Each member of the Blue team was to come up with a nominee. Ben starts playing games. He nominated himself and then started a ground campaign to nominate Lou Ross. Then there is talk of everyone getting nominated. The guys start with the nominate every one plan and then Petrozza nominated himself (making 2 against him). He said he couldn’t nominate any of the other guys and Ramsay said he was the most gracious man on the team. Then Ramsay kicked out Ben. I think Ramsay goes into this point knowing who he is going to kick out so he is a bit impervious to the games that are played with nominating. Ramsay then asked for a volunteer to go to the Blue team.

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