Hell’s Kitchen

This week is going to be another real brief summary. The kids all had big events this week and I got sick. Hopefully next week I can be more detailed;).

The girls won the challenge to make an expensive gourmet pizza with a pizza created by Jen. As a reward the girls got to go to the home of the $90 burger in Santa Barbara. The guys got a 2 part penalty, first was to prep the pizzas and the second was to deliver pizzas. Vanessa’s hand was pretty bad so she chose to leave Hell’s Kitchen. During all this the guys seem to be fighting each other.

During service Matt seemed unable to make the quail eggs properly so Bobby took over. Rosanne seemed to single handedly knock off the entire red team’s mojo until Jen too over.

Both teams actually completed service! So no one lost but they both had to put up a person. The girls put up Christina and the guys put up Lou Ross. But as a reward for completing the service, Vanessa was the only person to leave this week.

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