I recently was given the opportunity to evaluate a new learning resource. is an Internet directory. What makes this special is that this directory has over 2300 different links that have been vetted and organized by subject and age group. It also has a search box that lets you do keyword searches.

So what do I think about it? I think that the Table of Contents feature is really good. She has everything outlined out and you can go pick a subject either to look for a sight/worksheet/activity or plan a whole unit with.

If you are not comfortable jumping into the goo that is the Internet this is a great tool. If you want a safe environment where you know that you will only find family friendly sites, this is for you. If you are very Internet savy and have time to dig through the dregs to find the jewels, then you might be wasting your money.

I think that this site is overall very solid and it will continue to build upon its foundation. HelpMe2Teach has a great price structure that enables you to try this out for a short term or they also have a great sale (through the end of December) of buying 1 year and getting 1 year free with the code TOS. Here is the price structure (not including the sale):

1 year for $29.95
3 mos. for $15.95
1 mo. for $9.95
3 days for $4.95
Price includes Quarterly Newsletters and FREE research for anyone with a paid one year subscription or longer.

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