Homeschool Omnibus

We are speeding into fall, when thoughts turn from summer barbecues and turn toward school and football. In the spirit of fall I have put together a list of my homeschool posts that look at why and how to homeschool! Happy reading and please comment;)? In addition if you have a question that isn’t answered here please let me know! Then I can either answer it or find someone who can!!!!

(This is a repost from September 2010)

7 thoughts on “Homeschool Omnibus”

  1. Hi Jackie,
    Curious: You mentioned having to have certain medical forms on file in your “How to Start Homeschooling in California.” Because I didn’t see (or maybe failed to remember) that information when I started last year, I don’t have the waiver of health exam or the vaccination waiver on file for my children (though I do have copies of their vaccination record–up to the point I decided to stop vaccinating.) Are these actually required forms, or are they just a good idea to have? Thanks for helping! (BTW I have some video games to get back to you soon.)

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