I admit I am a Lisa convert.

So I wanted to get some admissions and predictions out before tonight’s finale of The Next Food Network Star. I have been slowly becoming a Lisa Garza fan. The icy exterior has seemed to melt a lot and I am happy that her base of knowledge goes beyond the fruffy. Now the question remains, will she win? Well that I am not sure of but I think she should.

The question for the judge in this situation is what audience are you looking for? Adam is entertaining (usually) but he has very limited food knowledge. I personally am only so interested in smoking meat. He has other food knowledge but I don’t think he is confident enough to be able to put a show together with it. Aaron’s presentation is so hit and miss that I am not sure what food knowledge he does have. He also seems to not make real flavorful food (according to everyone who seemed to taste it). It wouldn’t take to many people trying some not so good recipes without Aaron losing all credibility. But both of the guys are a little more marketable to those who don’t really cook yet. I am a faithful network watcher and I would be most likely to watch a show with Lisa. I am already a bit of a foodie but being home taught I always need hints and tips.

So I am not sure who will win but I hope it is Lisa!

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