3 thoughts on “Illness, Jokes, and Chinese”

  1. Oh no! Mono twice! Awful. You were a sickly child. That is terrible. Your poor mom! Hated being sick when my dollies were small. You feel so I’ll but they still need you. Not much worse than that. have a good week!


  2. I was always sick with bronchitis as a kid..but now I think it was asthma and it just wasn’t recognized so much then. Knock knock joke…”Knock, knock, who’s there orange, orange who, orange you gonna have a cookie?” Cheezy! 😉 Chinese food…we LOVE Chinese food…but unfortunetly can’t eat out anymore with it b/c most places use Kikoman Soy Sauce which has gluten in it. We make our own sauce with soy sauce that doesn’t. I have been thinking I need to start a blog and put all our recipes! 😀

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