Incredibles: The Wait Ends


Well, I am calling it, the wait for Incredibles 2 was totally worth it. Disney generously let my mom, my sister, and I to attend a preview this week and it made me so happy. It was a great family movie and we got to see each of the characters really grow in this movie. There was lots of humor in this movie but it didn’t feel like it was forced in. I loved the balance between the humor (of which there were loads) and the fight scenes.

One thing that thrilled me about this movie was that with the restraints the creators put in the original world, all of the events that take place feel like they were natural progression instead of events forced to create drama. A lot of movies including Marvel movies, have those moments where you are just like you could have done this and none of this would have happened.

I love that in the Incredibles universe it deals with the actual legal problems there would be if we had superheroes in the real world. And this movie continued in that line very well. It was the perfect mix of humor and action and I can strongly recommend it to everyone. 

One of the things that this movie really hit home for me was Jack-Jack. I loved the baby and all of his antics.  This baby looks like my friend’s son that I love, and I couldn’t stop seeing his antics in all of Jack-Jack hilarity. This baby is such an adorable baby even while he is getting up to regular baby hijinks. All I want for the next Incredibles movie is 2 hours of Jack-Jack just being a baby. 

In conclusion, Incredibles Two lives up to all the hype and was definitely worth the wait. There is nothing in this movie that would dissuade me from recommending it to all of my friends, and I hope you all get a chance to see it soon Let me know in the comments what you are most looking forward to in this movie and once you have seen it let me know who was your favorite character.


(Disclosure: I did see the movie for free but all words, thoughts, and opinions are mine and mine alone.)

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