Instant Food for Instant Fun

Last week was a long and hard week here in the NerdFamily House. Anyone who reads my Twitter or personal Facebook know that by Thursday I was ready to pop. So when this weekend got here NerdDad and I knew that we needed to have a fun family night!!! We had just checked out Megamind from the library but for a truly fun family night there needs to be food too!

While I could cook up a storm and the kids would love it, that would not be a fun night for me. Either during the cooking or during all the cleaning that would have to happen after would not be fun for me or for NerdDad. So we decided to go to our traditional Saturday night pizza. But that wasn’t very special because we usually do pizza once a week;).

So NerdDad and I decided to step up the fun a huge step. We needed a couple of things for this week and thought a fun dessert would make family night special.  So NerdDad volunteered to bath all the kids while I went to Walmart alone to shop! Yes, you all heard me, alone!

So my MP3 player and I went to Walmart! I know you all think I am crazy to go to Walmart to relax on a Saturday afternoon but it is all about choosing the right one! The Walmart SuperCenter in Sanger is always clean and calm. Walmart had some great clearance (clothes for the girls, Kaiser rolls, and so much more;) but I had to decide about our special dessert. I looked at doing ice cream sundays but I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of different toppings just to have 1/2 used jars sitting around for a while. I ended up picking out some Nestle Sprinkled Drumsticks. I have always been a huge Drumstick fan but haven’t bought them for a few years. Y’all were holding out on me. When did they start putting cherry in the middle? Yummy!!!

A Little Chillin'

Armed with my Sprinkled Drumsticks, I stopped by Little Caesars for pizza and arrived home the conquering hero. Then we have a fun night of pizza, ice cream and a hilarious movie! It was just the break I think we all needed! Getting instant food really helped to make our night really fun. Now go away while I eat another Sprinkled Drumstick while the kids aren’t around;).

(This project has been compensated as part of shopper insights for #collectivebias. While the generated the subject, I generated the opinions. 😉 ) You can check out my This Moment post below to see more about the actual trip!



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