It Is the Ultimate!!!

It is once again time for the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5Minutes for Mom! So to all of you who are dropping by from the party Welcome! I appreciate you checking out The NerdFamily Blog!

So what is this crazy blog all about? Everything that goes through my crazy little brain;). I like to write about anything from politics, religion to the just plain nerdy.

And a little about me. I am just a nerdy mom who has many weird a diverse interests! I stay busy homeschooling my 4 kids and writing my 4 blogs! My life philosophy is that I feel that anyone can do anything they want to learn to do. I enjoy sharing my opinions and equipping other do things like save money, school their children and cook!

Thanks for dropping by to check us out! Make sure to subscribe to our rss while you are here! I would also love to see you around Twitter!
Ultimate Blog Party 2011

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