It’s So Shiny and “Minecraft”y


This is about the different precious minerals you find in Minecraft. These are found underground or can be traded from villagers. Here are just some of the minerals you can find.: iron, gold, diamonds, emerald, and lapis lazuli. These are mostly used for tools but that’s another post

Iron: This is the most used minerals because it can be used for specifically Shears(two iron in a diagonal pattern), Flint and Steel(one iron on the middle left side and a flint on the middle bottom), and buckets(two iron, one on the middle left side and on the middle right side and an iron on the bottom middle), This is able to make tools. This is the most common of these 5 and is found in like ten blocks from the surface to the bottom, but you can find them more the closer you get to the bottom. To get iron ore you need to smelt it (see

Gold: This is more valuable but weaker than iron. Gold enchants really nicely and is used in redstone machines sometimes. This can be used for tools but I don’t suggest it unless you are planning on spending lots of experience. This like iron you have to smelt it. 

Diamonds: These are the most valuable stone because it is the strongest. The special item that you can make is the Enchantment Table (obsidian across the bottom and at the middle middle diamond on the rest of the middle and a book in the middle top). This also can be used for tools which are super strong. 

Emerald:  This is used for trading with villagers and decorations. These aren’t very useful.

Lapis Lazuli: This is used for dyes and enchanting. you have to have at least one gem of lapis lazuli to enchant.

Make sure to tell me all about your jewels and tools.                


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