Kid Stories

My kids are nothing if not entertaining! Sometimes I am a little embarrassed but even then it is usually funny. A couple super quick stories from my weekend;).

This weekend my kids were all in their (now former) babysitter’s wedding. They had met the groom’s mom and knew that he had a step dad. This is where you enter the scene. My NerdBug (10) is sitting next to the groom’s step dad. NerdBug asks him if he is the mom’s “current husband”. Luckily, it seems that the groom’s step dad and mom are both amused;). He just wanted to make sure that he had all the relations clear, he was meeting a lot of people he had never met;).

Skip ahead. See that giant grasshopper? That was on the kids’ play structure on Easter. We were talking about how huge it was and one of the kids said they had been seeing a lot of grasshoppers recently. I pointed out the fact that it was Passover and maybe it was one of the plagues (I know, the plague was locusts). It was sundown and getting dark so we were joking that it was another plague. Then NerdPie points out to NerdBug that if the final plague hit again (Death of the oldest) that he would be the one to die…. NerdDad and I looked at each other and just had to laugh.

These are the conversations in our family. Crazy…

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