Kinderbach: And We Begin!

I love music! I love the way that they notes interplay to compose the melody. I love how the rhythm can stir your soul and how singing a song can transport you into an awesome mood. But I have a problem that has given birth to another. I have no musical talent. So now you are wondering what my next problem is. Well, I homeschool my kids and can’t teach them music. And for those of you who don’t know, music lessons are expensive ($50 a month or more) and they don’t like to start lessons until 6 years old. Well, I found that frustrating! At the preschool age my kids seem to be little sponges about everything so it seemed to be a waste not to capitalize on it. Then Kinderbach came along.
Aimed at the ages 3-7, I am currently using the Kinderbach program with all 4 of my kids (8, 6, 4, 2). We are about 3 weeks into the program and we are all having a ball! My kids have been learning all about Dodi and don’t realize all the musical knowledge they are already acquiring.
In 3 short weeks my kids have sung, danced, waved their hands and played with the piano. In 3 short weeks they have learned about the piano keys, high/low pitches, rhythm, finger numbering, ¼ notes and even how to play a little song. Not bad for 15 minutes, 4 times a week. Now to be fair, the 2 year old isn’t quite learning it but cut her some slack she is 2;).
Seriously, I have been impressed that my 3 older kids are really learning this. I never had much doubt that the 8 year old could handle it but I see him taking the knowledge out side of just the Kinderbach lessons. I was also confident in the 6 year old but I wasn’t expecting it to help her so quickly in other musical areas. She has been in a choir for over a year but we still struggle with rhythm issues. But after just one lesson that used both walking and clapping to keep time, I am seeing great improvement everywhere! The 4 year old has also done better than I expected. One of the coloring pages was a worksheet on finger number. They had to match the number with the hand that had the correct nail black. I admit, I didn’t think he would be able to analyze it enough to do it but I was wrong. He matched them all.
I can’t wait to see what this next month will hold for us and our musical knowledge! Back to the music! Dodi, Dodi, where do you sleep? Dodi, Dodi, and rest your feet?,..

(KinderBach has graciously given us access in order to write these columns)

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