How You Know You are Raising Whovians

I know that NerdFamilyDad and I are raising our children different than many people but it is shocking some times to see it come out;)! We aren’t trying to raise Whovians per se but it is great that they are!!! And so much fun seeing my kids viewing the world through geeky child eyes!

The final Jeopardy question was read by Alex: “The hero of this 1993 comedy says he’s “been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted and burned””

The NerdPie yells out, “Captain Jack Harkness!”

Also my kids are sure that Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years is all about Rory Williams waiting for Amy Pond. They don’t even know what Twilight is much less that the song was on its soundtrack;).

I declaring a parenting win;).


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