The Landscape Of The Nether Mincraft

Nether Landscape

This post is to tell you all about The Nether and the different landscape from the overworld. The Nether is basicly just a bunch of lava and netherrack in a pot. It is a very dark and red place because there is no sun so the only light source is the lava and fire and a little bit of glow stone.

It is the only world that has a ceiling which is made out of netherrack. It can be almost at your head at some points and a 1000 blocks high at others. It is about 20 layers thick and the last one is made out of bedrock so there is no point in digging through it. But if you are in creative and you dig through the last layer you can go through and enter the void. You will die if you go out to far up but if you stay near the bedrock you will be okay. The bedrock actually has mushrooms growing on it which is really neat and interesting. You can also enter the void by digging through the bedrock at the bottom of both the Overworld and the Nether. And in the End there is no bedrock you can just fall through. If you die in the void you can’t get any of your stuff back. 

There are a lot of lava lakes in the Nether that you have to be really carefull. And there a lot of little fire sitting everywhere. My conclusion is that the Nether is very bad for your health and I don’t suggest going there unless there is some thing you need there. I would suggest building your summer home there.

I hope that this helps you get a clear picture of the Nether and I hope you have fun with it. Please let me know any ideas that you have for my next few posts I am going crazy trying to find some new ones.


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