Lightening Our Chaos

So my Tackle this week will probably not seem note worthy at all to anyone but me but…

We have 4 kids and we all know how quickly they out grow their clothes. But since we have 2 boys and 2 girls, with the youngest being a girl, that means careful sorting to get rid of clothes. Could boy #2’s shorts be worn by girl #2? Then there is the processing. Can boy #1’s clothes go straight to boy #2 or should the pants stop by girl #1 first or go into holding for boy #2? And so on!

So as you can imagine, we have piles of clothes that stack up at the change of seasons. So this weekend I finished going through those piles! I moved things around and then had 2 boxes to move completely out of the house! They have been moved onto our church exchange program!

I think it is a small move to lighten out chaos! Now I have the rest of the house to clear out;). But it goes back to how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time!

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  1. I can imagine your clothes chaos 😀 I have a boy and a girl 2 nephews and 2 little girl neighbours, and we all swap out outgrown clothes. And then there’s another baby on the way in our house… This was definitely note worthy 😉
    Heck, I only cleaned my kettle!

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