How To Be Like an Avenger in Minecraft: Spiderman


Today I am going to talk about Spiderman. He is one of my favorite superheroes and he is really cool too. There are a lot of spider stuff in Minecraft and today I am going to teach you all about them. Spiderman is one avenger that is kind of easy to be like in Minecraft. I mean you can’t shoot webs out of your gloves and I don’t know how to get a spider sense on Minecraft but we can trap monsters in webs and look at how the spider works to teach you how to survive like a spider.


I like using webs in traps but they are a little hard to get. You will only see spider webs spawned naturally in abandoned mine shafts. To get a web you need to right click on it with shears. Or you can right click on it with a sword and you will get one string. One time I have gotten two 64 of string from one time going into a abandoned mine shaft.


This are tricky little monsters that can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Spiders can come out in the morning but they are less deadly in the morning. Spiders are passive in the day unless you look right at them within 30 blocks.

Spiders can climb up walls and will jump on you if they can. I suggest when you are fighting anything but especially spiders, take the upper ground. That way a spider can’t jump down on you. Be careful that spiders can’t get onto your roof when you don’t want them to. Because spiders can climb up walls like Spiderman. If you have an overhang or a spot that is made of fence all the way round a spider can never get onto your roof.

Cave Spiders

These behave like spiders but have a couple of unique characteristics.

  • They are poisonous when you touch them
  • They are smaller than regular spiders
  • They spawn in mineshafts
  • They are blue

I hope that this helps you on your quest to become an Avenger. Let me know on tips and tricks you guys have with Minecraft.


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