How To Be Like The Avengers Minecraft Style: Captain America

captain america

This is the first of a series of posts that are going to be all about the Avengers. Today I am going to talk about Captain America and how you can be more like him. He is the easiest Avenger to be like, in Minecraft because you can become stronger with a potion and use a shield and get really good at fighting and “the Avengers might ask you personally to work with them fighting Minecraft crime”. (What? It could happen in some parallel universe)

In the new update of 1.9 they made a shield which is awesome! Before this, the only thing you could protect yourself with was armor. You can make a shield with planks in the top left and right, across the middle and in the bottom middle and with an iron ingot in the top middle. You can craft it again with a banner to get that pattern and colors on it. You can’t make Captain America’s shield  so far but this is pretty cool already.

There is no super-soldier program so far (everyone makes frowny face) but you can get pretty close. I think that you are going to mix a couple of potions to get what Captain America has got going there but I think we can get pretty close. First we are going to use the Strength potion because Captain America is a really  strong guy (But once you get to Hulk he is a regular guy) then we need the Jump potion and the Speed potion because Captain America has super agility. Which is pretty epic.

You can make armor that looks like Captain America but they do not have any stars or stripes on them. You can dye leather armor to make them red, white, and blue so you can look and fight like Captain America.

I hope that this will help you get drafted in to the Minecraft Avengers(if that really exists) and helps you improve your fighting.


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