The Liquids of Minecraft


I am going to tell you all about the liquids of Minecraft because they are really interesting yet you could live without them. Like you do not need to drink any thing throughout the enter game which is really cool yet scary because then there is nothing that can tie us to a place because of water.


This is the most common liquid because it is in lakes and oceans all around and no water can get dirty. All water is the same in Minecraft no matter where you find it. Water is used as the base of all potions and can be traveled over using a boat.


This is a really cool resource because it will destroy a lot of different things like plants or you. If you touch lava you will be lit on fire and with stane lots of damage from it. If you are in the lava you will most likely die. Lava is a good barrier for keeping out the monsters from your fortress. I suggest you make some way to get over it though. Unless you like swimming in lava


These are really helpful but I am not going to go into them in great detail. You can make a fire resistance potion to help with the aforementioned lava swimming. You can also make a water breathing potion to help with the actual swimming.


This liquid is very helpful as it combats poison. There are a couple of different ways to get poison but all of them give you the same effect. The most often way is eating raw meat. It won’t always give you poison. And there is a potion of poison witches will throw at you.

I hope that this gives you a thirst for knowledge about Minecraft liquids.


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