The Little House In the Minecraft Prairie

little house in mine woods

Today we are going to talk about the prairie’s of Minecraft. They are a lot like prairie’s in really life with not much to them other than grass and weeds. I like the prairies for  building a home in but they are pretty much useless when it comes to resources. There are sometimes pools there which help out but if you can at all I suggest you live on the edge of this biome until you get pretty far in the game.

I think that the best place to spawn is in an area on the edges of the forest and prairie biome. Because you can get most of your basic resources from the forest but one of the safest places to live is the prairie. Because there is no shade. There is nowhere for monsters to hide. There might be a lot of creepers around but not really any that hang out at night because they all will burn up. Also you might get a lot of resources for that because when a monster dies then it will drop its items on the ground which can be really helpful.

When you are making a house on the prairie you need to be mostly concerned with the location. If you want to have home that you won’t be leaving for days at a time you need to make a good decision when you place your house. I suggest finding somewhere with an open area and near a forest. I try to be near a pool but that is not so much of a priority. I think that you should try to have a nice area around you if you wanted to get animals that would be helpful.

I hope that this post helps you know what to do if you spawn in the Prairie. Please tell me if there is any biomes you would like to know about.


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