The Little House In The Minecraft Savannah


This is a cool biome that I have done a lot with but it isn’t my favorite biome because I don’t like the colors in it. It is a very orange and gray biome which is cool but just not my taste. This is a good place to start out at because it has trees and a good open area for building your house. While the savannah has most of the resources you will want it is kind of mundane because it normally has only one type of tree.

Have you ever noticed that in different biomes the grass is a different color. In the savannah the grass is a very tan almost a brown green. Most animals can be found in this biome and there is often an abundance of  cows and pigs. 

This is a rather good biome for tree houses. Because most of the land is really flat so if you want to have any kind of natural height that is the best way to go.  Acacia trees have sort of a stair pattern in most of their trunk which makes them good trees to build tree houses in. You could even just knock one hole in the leaves and build your house on the leaves using them as floor if you would like.

I think that this can be a helpful biome if you keep near the edge of it. Because it is a very big biome and you can get lost very easily because there is not many landmarks just trees and grass not even hills to keep track of  so be careful out there or you could get really lost.

I hope that this gives you some helpful insight into the minecraft savannah.


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