A Look at the Alphabet Song Game & a Critical Thinking Company Coupon!

Alphabet Song

I was recently asked (and compensated with a Critical Thinking Company product) to take a look at the Critical Thinking Company’s Alphabet Song Game.

Software and apps for toddlers and preschoolers is always a hard thing. You want to engage the children, yet make sure it isn’t to challenging for them to run. You also want them to learn something and not just turn off mentally. I find the Alphabet Song Game to be a great balance of language learning, entertainment, and fine motor skills development. I evaluated this software on my PC but it also comes as a free app on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Alphabet Song in gameThis really is built upon the Alphabet Song and is quite precious. At the beginning of every lesson they sing the Alphabet Song. Then the lesson takes the child through the Alphabet Song again by singing along to their action, and each lesson has a different call to action. It starts with choosing the capitol letters in the alphabet where they choose the next letter by clicking on it and there is a choice between 2 capitol letters. The lessons get harder by going from capital letters to lower case and then they increase the number to choose from. The advanced lessons even have them choose among letters going the right and wrong directions. 

I love this! It is cute and just really gets to the alphabet! Understanding letters is the first key to reading and really helps start them down the path of logic. And anything that requires consistent mouse movement and clicking helps work on those fine motor skills. 

I highly recommend the Alphabet Song Game for anyone who wants to have a fun learning activity for their non-reading child on their computer, phone or tablet.

Once again the Critical Thinking Company has come up with a fabulous product. If you want more of their products (like ones they are charging for;) they have given me a coupon to share with you all!!! Use code BLOGR814 by October 31, 2014 to get 15% off your entire order! 

(Remember that while the Critical Thinking Company may have compensated me to write about this software the thoughts and opinions are still mine!)


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