A Look at Big Hero 6


Big Hero 6 is finally out! We here at the NerdFamily have been looking forward to it for a while so we were stoked to get a chance to check out a preview! Now I had heard this was a Disney movie but my husband had heard Marvel. And when you look at the credits you see some representation by both! To me this movie is the first fully new Disney integrated, animated feature movie and I am loving what the new Disney is looking like!

So not only was the Big Hero 6 visually stunning, the plot was really good. It is simple enough that it is resolved and the kids can understand it but deep enough that any adult can relate to it. And wow! It is a nerd movie.

The plot… This is always where I struggle because I want to inform you guys but I don’t want to ruin the movie. So some of the broad strokes. This is set in San Fransokyo and centered around Science and Tech College. It deals with a brilliant 14 year old and the relationship he develops with Baymax after tragedy befalls him and the city of San Fransokyo. He has a band of nerdy friends who help him by highlighting their own nerdy talents.

I love all the various nerdy personality types that they included in this movie. You had different types of male and female personalities and just about no stereotypes. Everyone had their own nerdy interests and they were all different. It was awesome! And they even had the line “Woman up” (which is something my mom used to say;).

We loved this movie and highly recommend it!!! It is fabulous and I think it was even worth the 3D! But there is one question I have heard many times. “What is Big Hero 6?” Well, you are going to have to watch the movie to find out;).

(Thanks to Disney for the preview passes! But all thoughts and opinions are still my own.)

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